Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I have 18 days to complete a short story to enter in the SC Fiction Open. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, huh?

Truth be told, I hate and despise writing short fiction. Mostly because I suck at it. I need more time to make a point.

I wasn't even going to enter this year, but have been semi-shamed, semi-challenged in to it. For Pete's sake.

So, I'm going to be lazy and carve out a section of my novel (STILL haven't heard from the agent, don't know if that's good, bad or ugly). The part I chose is a bit that I read last February at the Monday Night Blues Open Mike night when the poetry people let us poor fiction writtin' shmucks hang out with them for a couple of hours. It was well received, so now I just gotta make a short story out of it.

Which means it needs a point. I asked the cats, but they don't understand pointing, much less points. So I am off today in search of meaning for my poor little story wanna-be. I think I first need a clue. If I had a clue, I might could find a point.

Sigh. I think I'll just use Jason's name as the title, then they might think he wrote it and won't even read it. They'll just toss it on the winner's pile. The man's short fiction ROCKS!

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