Friday, December 23, 2005

ooooh. I gotta early Christmas present from Jason! Viral pharyngitis. Also known as "it hurts when I swallow" or "there's a porcupine in my throat" disease.

I woke up after only four hours of sleep after my out-of-routine night shift last night to the awful truth. Sick. Not only sick, but sick on the HOLIDAY schedule. I think only death, pink eye or ebola virus are acceptable excuses. And I'm not sure about the ebola, they'd probably say "We've got plenty of Vitamin K for injection, we can stop that bleeding."

So, I lay in bed, pretending it was just something like post nasal drip sore throat. But after a half hour or so, I was forced to seek medical treatment by stealing whatever Jason got from his doc.

That made the cats think it was lunchtime. I told them it wasn't. I told them I didn't feel good. I told them I still had to go to work tonight.

Thor has a meow that can peel the paint off the wall.

Okay. During the day, I sleep with two fans going to block the noise. I can't hear the doorbell ring. But I can hear Thor meow.

So, I'm up. They are fed.

It hurts when I swallow.

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jaz said...

See... now I feel terrible.

If you're feeling that bad, you're probably on Day 2 of the infection. Day 1 is just kind of a "off feeling," way sub-clinical. Day 2 hurts.

Day 3... well... well, there's plenty of magic lidocaine mouthwash left. That, ibuprofen, and hot tea qid will get you through Day 3... more or less.

The good news is that Day 4, which is today for me and Christmas Day for you, really isn't so bad. Still sore, but... not so bad.

I'm sorry you don't feel well.