Thursday, November 06, 2008

To: Christians in America

From: God

Re: American Election

What do I gotta do? You ask for rain on Obama, I sent beautiful sunshine. You prayed for my will to be done, now you bewail the election of Obama.

Have you ever stopped to consider that this is my will? That you've got it wrong?

If you believe it possible or even absolute that I will only allow my choice to be elected, why do you doubt me now?

Just because your choice was not elected does not mean that my choice was not.

Thank you.

P.S. To the woman in the Sunday school classroom last Sunday in West Ashley who said she was sure that I "didn't want a black man to be President", don't speak for me again thank you.


Pat said...

It's always easy to say things happen for a reason, until those things don't go the way we want them to. That's when real faith - if we have it - steps up to the plate. (Was that enough cliches for ya?)

Liked your "morning after" post! Wish I'd stayed up for his acceptance speech.

Anonymous said...

There was a mock election at my
grandchildrens of them voted R the other D. In their school D grandaughter was
very dissapointed....she asked me if I was....I said yes I was but we will have a new President soon and we need to pray for him to have wisdom and for his entire family to be safe.

JanetLee said...

Pat - it wasn't a matter of faith, it was the matter of devine expectations. Some people wanted McCain to win, prayed about it, and now are asking God how he could have "let" this happen. Like he is some sort of short order prayer cook who is supposed to deliver exactly what they ordered.

Either you believe in the power of prayer or not. So if you believed that your prayer for a McCain presidency would be answered, your answer was no.

Which means that God was for Obama.

And honestly, if you believe in the immortality of God, why should he really care that much about something that, for him, would take place in about the time it would take him to scratch his head?

So, you are right. The faithful must have faith that McCain isn't what God wanted.

I understand being disappointed that one's selction did not win. But don't twist it around to be God's fault some how.