Monday, November 24, 2008

Attention All You Renters Out There

Go kiss your landlord. Or the property manager.


This is why.

When the power washers come and ask you if you have seen all the dry rot in the wood along the house addition and you say yes, because you know about the three inches or so in the one board and they say, uh, no, you need to look at this.

And you schlep out there and low and behold, you're going to need to rip out the entire base where the wood attaches to the brick all the way around and up the one corner about a foot.

See, if you are a renter, this is when you call the landlord/property manager and dump the entire problem in their lap and you go back inside to the book you were reading.

You don't spend the whole next morning wandering around Lowe's with a calculator in one hand, enduring the patronizing 'can I help you's' from the employees who just can't for the life of them understand that some little old gray haired lady might actually be able to look at boards and sealants and wood patch kits all by her little self.

Thor sez: I can help! If I can rip open this wooden door, I can rip wood off a wall!


Marcheline said...

So what the hell is JAZ is doing while you are wandering around in the hardware store? What, is he trapped under something heavy???

JanetLee said...

The short answer is that he was at work. The question raised is why do you assume, like the employees of the hardware store, that I, because I am a woman am incapable (or shouldn't be) to attending to my own household chores? Or that JAZ, because he is a man, should be doing this chore?

Marcheline said...

I don't assume that.j

You are assuming that I assume that just because I asked where the hell JAZ was.


I am the woman who replaced the wax seal under a toilet (admittedly after googling, but still all on my own), replaced a kitchen faucet, and kept nearly an acre of property mowed with a push mower for five years, and put in an entire brick patio by myself in three days.

Actually, I was asking because it's nice to have someone else along on trips to the hardware store. Someone to provide distractions, ideas that won't work, and suggestions that the time would really better be spent at a local fast food joint. You know, helpful stuff like that.

- M

JanetLee said...
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