Monday, November 03, 2008

Planning Ahead

I bought a light weight, easy to carry, easy to open chair to take with me tomorrow. I can walk all day long if I have to, but I can't stand in one spot for more than 15 minutes without my back going into spasms.

I bought a new book to read.

I have an umbrella in case of rain.

I'll get up early enough to be at the school by 0530 or 0600. I'm going to walk, it's only a couple of blocks and will help with traffic/parking congestion.

Some water, some snacks for my weirding out pancreas which has apparently gotten into the election paranoia fever and sends out a ton of insulin whenever it detects a hint of sugar in my blood. (I think its new motto is "let's fight the glucose in the blood stream so we don't have to fight it in the fat cells!" and while a good idea, I sorta do need some of that sugar for things like staying conscious.)

I'll be there for the duration.

Then I get to come home and snuggle on the couch and watch election coverage until my head explodes.

Remember, if you don't vote, everything is all your fault. Things will not get better until all of America demands that improvements be made.

I made a comment to an acquaintance that hurt her feelings, although it wasn't my intent. I said that the "world is going to end soon any way, so why bother" excuse was a cop out so she didn't have to try to fix things.

I don't think what I said was wrong, I just think I said it a little too forcefully. And I wish I'd put more emphasis on my belief that while we, as Americans, have perfected the art of arguing over who has the "right" solution, none of us have been very good at applying our solutions.

My ideas might work for that person, her ideas would work for that one. If we all just got busy on a personal, local level and did what we could instead of standing around and screaming Liberal or Conservative at each other, perhaps we could break this paralysis we as a nation have been caught in and actually start seeing improvements.

Thor sez: Together, we can take on the world.
Loki sez: Maybe after lunch.

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