Monday, November 17, 2008

Meh Monday

"Meh" is officially a word now. Let the apathetic rejoicing begin.


Just so you know, yesterday's Loki Sunday was Loki approved:

Last night, we watched a documentary about the social/legal/personal impact of the movie Deep Throat.

When I wasn't laughing myself silly over some of the interviews. I can't even begin to describe how funny it was to watch a 70-something year old man wearing jeans and a silk shirt unbuttoned to his navel, one leg tossed over the arm of a chair (the better to see his unit, I suppose), smoking a cigarette while his long gray hair stands out in Bozo the Clown wings.

Or the guy who said "it'd take 5000 Viagra to get me hard now, but back then, I was virile". Thanks ever so much for sharing.

Oh but my wasn't it funny to watch Tricky Dick clamoring about morality. And a 60-something year old grandmother asserting that if she wanted to watch a dirty movie, she should be able to do so.

It was a bit difficult to watch the movie scenes because I ain't that liberal, thank you very much, and Linda Lovelace later claimed she was forced to act in the movie by her abusive husband and research has shown that many women who act in porn movies have been sexually abused/raped and are acting out their abuse, but the social/moral arguments pro and con and the feminist debate the movie sparked were very interesting.

Thor sez: Ceiling Cat saw you watching that!

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