Saturday, November 22, 2008


It was a bit of shock to read the headline that Jimmy Carter had been banned from Zimbabwe. I asked Jason, "Who could kick sweet old Jimmy out of their country?"

Then I answered my own question, "He must have been trying to do something good for poor people."

I like Jimmy Carter. For much the same reasons I like Barack Obama. I think he is a thoughtful, intelligent man. And I don't mean thoughtful in the sense that he thinks of others, but that he seeks out and considers new information and incorporates that knowledge into his life and his plans. And we need leaders like that.

Look what rigid devotion to ideology despite facts has gotten us thus far.

We must be flexible in this shrinking world.

And boy, oh boy, wasn't Mr. Carter correct all those years ago when he said we needed to start conserving and being energy efficient. When he said we needed to toss over the gas-guzzlers and start getting smart with our energy.

They laughed at him then. But he was right, wasn't he?

Americans say we love do-gooders, but we sure turn on them when they shine a light on our own evils instead the evils of "others" so we can feel superior.

Thor sez: I pity the fool who doesn't respect Mr. Jimmy!


Pat said...

Yeah, I've always liked Jimmy too and for the same reasons. That whole hostage situation was a bum rap, but look what he's gone on to accomplish since then! He's one of my heroes. We should all be so "thoughtful".

Anonymous said...

I too admire Pres and Mrs. Carter. They seem to be the hardest working ex-office holders ever. Before I die I want to go to Plains and sit in his Sunday school class.I attended a small fund raisers for Habitate for Humanity and heard him speak....he is so very humble.