Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crack Math

Good old AP was a crack head. He bought his crack from the corner dealer, BOC. And things were good. Crack rocks were $1 each and AP could get as many as he wanted.

One day, BOC started charging two dollars each for the crack rocks. And AP was a little mad, but being a crack head, he just rearranged his priorities and made do.

Then, BOC told him that crack was going to be three dollars a rock from now on. And AP said, "Say what? Why?" And BOC said, "Cos it's expensive to make." And AP thought that was a line of bull hockey because he'd seen how BOC had just bought a brand new Hummer, so he couldn't be hurting that bad. And AP grumbled and mumbled and cursed, but he dug a little deeper into his pocket and paid. Because he was, after all, a crack head.

Finally, BOC said crack was going to be FOUR dollars a rock. And AP said, "That's enough! I'm going to rehab."

And AP went on down to the rehab and asked if he could come in. And the rehab people said, "Well, we don't have any room for you right now, just try to stay away from the crack or not use as much and we'll get you fixed up in a couple of weeks."

AP tried very hard and he mostly stayed away from BOC, only slipping up a couple of times here and there.

And BOC got scared and very nervous. He had payments due on his Hummer, dontcha know. So he went to AP and said, "Okay, everything is cool now, no problems. Crack is going to be one dollar a rock now."

AP didn't even think about it! Hallelujah! He could do all the crack he ever wanted. To heck with rehab!

Moral of the story? Gas prices aren't down because Big Oil Companies feel sorry for the American public. They were terrified by serious renewable source talk.

Loki sez: It's true! I read in on the internet!

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