Saturday, November 01, 2008

More Drama Than A Loki Fit!

I have been witness to such drama recently. A woman nearly in tears, declaring that she will choose beheading when Obama makes us all become Muslim. Another who swears if Obama wins, he is going to overthrow the government and change America (overnight now, y'all) to a communist nation. A young girl who began attending church every time it is open because she saw an email from someone who had proof that the book of Revelation mentioned Obama directly and that meant the world is going to end. Probably five minutes after he is sworn in.

I have one question....well two. 1. When did you stop taking your meds? and 2. How do you think these things you fear will be accomplished?

Bush couldn't overturn Roe v. Wade in his 8 years, most of those years with House and Senate Republican majorities. So how exactly do you imagine anyone could "make us" be communist or Muslim?

Once again, I refer my Christian readers to Karen Spears Zacharias' book "Where's Your Jesus Now?" She discusses the political use of fear as a means to control Christians and secure power for those in charge. They want you afraid. They want you jumping at shadows. They want you swept away in every rumor and half truth and twisted lie that comes your way.

A frightened Christian is a powerless Christian who has allowed their faith to be weakened is her message.

And I look around the blogosphere and I am beginning to be worried for the mental health of some. I am hoping it is all hyperbole and grandstanding and not real fear and hatred I am seeing.

Here's the thing. If McCain wins, we're gonna be okay. If Obama wins, we're gonna be okay.

Really, we are.

It's going to be okay.

The world will not end. Your church and faith are secure. The Republic will not fall.

Thor sez: It'll be in the water! Muslimfication drugs!


Pat said...

What scares me is all these people's stupidity! Seriously, where's their faith...not to mention their common sense?

jaz said...

Well said.

I really like the line in the KSZ book where she talks about those who need religion for the power it provides, not the hope.

Kind of hits the nail right on the head, it does.

JanetLee said...

Pat - I had an acquaintance tell me she was voting for McCain and, even though I knew she was a Republican, I asked her why not Obama.

She began to list Obama's policy positions and how she disagreed with them and McCain's policy positions and how she agreed with them.

I almost cried I was so happy to hear a real answer.