Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Not Just Talent - Ginormous Talent!

Last evening, we went downtown to the Gaillard to see a Fusion Show of Fletcher Crossman's art. (While you are scrolling through the gallery at his site, note the size of the paintings.)

They looked astonishing hanging in the upper gallery of the auditorium. I got to meet the artist (because I know people). HaHa. We talked about how to his eye, the paintings looked small in the great open space of the gallery. He is used to seeing them on the walls of his studio where they (sized up to 12 feet tall) take up an entire wall.

But the Fusion program was very interesting. Some of his paintings were displayed at the Academic Magnet High School and the Language Arts students studied them and created a "fused image" of their literary analysis of a painting and a traditional fairy tale. As I've said before, I am an absolute sucker for talent and to see these young people so involved in the arts, both visual and literary, was very exciting.

Loki sez: Some day I'll have an art show. (Dramatic sigh)

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