Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ready, Set, Eww Manual Labor

After attacking the wood around the addition with a screw driver this morning (the better to tell how far the rot goes), I decided it's probably best to replace it all. The rot is so spotty, I think it'd be easier to just rip it all out.

Now, I didn't build the addition so I wasn't quite sure how it was put together. The bottom from the ground to about two feet is brick, then there is some sort of not wood, siding stuff from the brick to the roof. It is along the seam between the brick and the siding that the wood has dry rot.

When I pulled it apart, it looks like a 1x2 wooden board and one of those half round interior base board thingies. Which seemed weird to me, but what do I know about building? Maybe it was for the aesthetics.

I, however, am a less fuss is best kind of gal. I returned to my local Lowe's and bought some 2x2 treated pine boards (hopefully enough, my math skills aren't the best and my measuring tape required addition and then there is the how many 8 foot boards do I need division stuff), some wood glue, some exterior sealer, some primer, some sandpaper, some wood filler, a couple of paint brushes.

I'm all ready to slap the new stuff up there.

Only problem?

I gotta yank all the old stuff off, clean it out, sand down where it needs sanding down.

You know, the not fun stuff.

I like the fun stuff, the building stuff.

I hate prep work.

The boyz say: How exciting. Not! We'll be napping, please don't forget to stop to feed us at the proper intervals.

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Anne from TheCatSite.com said...

Sounds like a lot of prep work indeed... Too bad the kitties can't help - maybe you can pretend it's a big scratching post?