Saturday, November 29, 2008

An Even Blacker Friday

I don't do the after Thanksgiving insanity. I was talked into it once many years ago and was disgusted way back then with the greed and meanness I saw displayed in what is supposed to be a season of love and caring.

And it isn't even as if you save much money. It's called bait and switch people. Stores put up a few items at incredible prices, but only a limited number of them because then, once you are there and the item you wanted is sold out, you'll buy something else that isn't such a bargain.

But what happened yesterday in a New York state WalMart is beyond the pale of human avarice and American obsession with material gain.
I can understand the initial incident. I can see the crowd pushing forward from the back as the doors opened and the people in front being knocked into the man, causing him to fall.

What I can't see is why the other employees had to try for "minutes" to fight the crowd to try to reach the man.

What I can't see is how multitudes of people stepped on a human being as they rushed into a store to buy a piece of shit THING for a few bucks off.

Didn't they feel his broken body under their feet? Didn't anyone glance down and see his bloody face?

Did anyone care or did they continue to rush in, afraid they might miss their sale, dismissing him from their mind as unimportant and in the way? Not wanting to help a human being murdered beneath their feet and maybe miss out on getting that perfect present?

What infuriated me was that after the police arrived and were attempting to render first aid, the crowd was rushing over the police, knocking them around while they were trying to help this poor man.

Now he is dead.

For nothing more than greed and a total perversion of what the Christmas season is supposed to be about.

Stores need to stop doing this. The media needs to stop hyping up as free advertising for the stores.

And the American public needs to stop following lemming-like after whatever the media tells us that we "have" to do.

This attitude that allows a human being to be trampled to death in the name of a good deal on a flat screen TV shines a bright light on much of the economic woes of many Americans.

We want it all, we want it now, we'll put it on credit and we don't care how we'll pay for it, but damn it, we DESERVE everything we see on TV. Our children will be DEVASTATED if they don't get that expensive toy/gadget that they want.

Thor sez: And I'm the animal?


Katharine said...

I'm with you on this one. My best gift last year was a donation to an environmental organization in my name from my daughter.

I have been inspired by your kitty pictures. I going to have more patience with my own.

JanetLee said...

Katharine - I received a mailer from the World Wildlife Fund about "adopting" animals.

You can donate in another person's name and they will receive a small plush toy of the animal and a certificate of "adoption" along with information about how the donation will be used to help.

I'm seriously considering this as gifts for everyone I usually give to, I can pick their favorite animal as a way of making it a little more personal.

And the kitty pictures? Um, it helps if you are insane, like me.

And really, thank you who ever invented digital photography, because for every one "good" shot I get, there are dozens that I delete.

Katharine said...

When my girls were little, they used to get an animal they adopted at the zoo for Christmas for the price of one year's feed. A lizard was easy to cover, but when it came to the elephants we could usually only afford to adopt the leg. When the snow cleared we would go to the zoo and visit their "adoptee".

Katharine said...

When the girls were little the girls would get an animal adoption at the zoo for the price of one years feed. A lizard was easy to cover, but we could usually afford only the leg of an elephant. When the snow cleared we would go to the zoo to visit their "adoptee"