Monday, July 21, 2008

Where I Stand

This morning, while tooling down the highway, well more appropriate to Hwy 61, inching down the highway to another indecently early mandatory education class, I saw this bumper sticker:

If you don't stand behind the troops, stand in front of them.

Well, excuse me, but I believe that by protesting our entrance into Iraq, by writing to my representatives urging them to support legislation that helps our returning veterans, by asking them to not support the cutting of funds for veteran's benefits and by sending goodie packages to my Navy son every so often that I am already standing in front of our troops.

See, they have no choice in the missions they are assigned. It is my responsibility to ask, is this worth having men and women die in my name?

Afghanistan and the search for Bin Laden? Yes.

Iraq? No.

So don't slap a sticker on your car and consider your duty to the troops done.

Thor sez: I'll stand in the window until my human brother is serving in peace.

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