Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Forty Miles

In a little while, I will stuff both cats into carriers and begin the forty mile journey to the vet.

The first ten miles will be filled with outraged kitten meows demanding an explanation of this most horrible treatment. I tell them they are required by law to have a rabies shot and if they do not, the kitten police will arrest them. They do not care, preferring to live as vaccination banditos, the Under the Bed Gang.

Around mile eleven, Thor will have a massive freak out, screaming and clawing at his cage.

Around mile fifteen, Loki will begin hyperventilating, panting like a dog. (Once so loud I thought it couldn't be him, there had to be something wrong with the car.)

At mile twenty we will arrive at the vet. Silence will fall as they huddle in the very rear of the carriers, which we will have to dismantle to get them out.

The kittens that I had to shove into carriers will at this point leap back into the safety of their shelter.

The twenty miles back will be mostly silent, broken occasionally by a heart felt "I hate you" meow from Thor.

They will spend much of the afternoon hiding in the Under the Bed Gang Cave, refusing to even acknowledge my presence. Unless, of course, I open a can of tuna.

Loki sez: Look how sleepy we are. How can you disturb us?


Marcheline said...

Even so, that's better than the cat I grew up with. She'd howl hollowly for the first ten miles, and then puke all over the inside of the carrier. Running around and rolling ensued.


- M

chucker said...

Each year, mine ventures out of the carrier onto the examining table and looks around.

He's a bit upset by the mixture of aromas and hesitant.

Right after his shot and exam, he heads - quickly - back into the carrier, turns around and, I swear I'm not making this up, manages to SLAM the door shut!

JanetLee said...

Well, things went as expected. They are now separated because Loki is hissing and growling at Thor. I told him that Thor had all the exact same things done to him also, but Loki is in high drama queen mode.

M- Ew, indeed.

I had one, Miss Kitty who loved to get out of the exam room and walk around in the back, checking everything out.

Chuck - never would either of them willingly leave the carrier. Thor almost peeked his head out of his, but not quite.