Monday, July 07, 2008

The J-Files

I'm not much into conspiracy theories, they tend to be long on fantastical thinking and short on facts, but occasionally things happen that make me go, "hmmmm".

Enron loop hole law allows for speculation on oil.

Oil speculation contributes to sky-rocketing oil prices.

Sky-rocketing oil prices lead to sky-high gas prices.

Spoiled Americans have to spend more money putting gas into their Hummers and giant SUV's and start wailing like two year olds who don't get a candy bar in the grocery store check out line.

Sweet, innocent, trying to do their best oil company execs shrug their shoulders and say they'd sure love to help you out there buddy, gosh golly darn it all and gee whiz on the side, if only we could drill off shore for oil.

Spoiled Americans start screaming for off shore oil NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn the environment! Damn the coastlines! Damn the wetlands and marshes!

Fuck the fish!

We want off shore drilling and we want it now!

(Can you imagine the room gift baskets at The Sanctuary at Kiawah having tar remover in them like the fancy hotels in the Gulf region, so tourists can get the oil and tar off their feet after a stroll on the beach?)

What no-one seems to recognize is that, laying aside all my crazy environmentalist blither blather, there are no off shore oil rigs ready to go.

It would be years (some estimate 2030) before the oil companies had them built and running. And you really think they are going to eat the cost of building all those rigs? You think they are going to eat the cost of cleaning up?

No, you are going to pay for every penny and then some that they spend.

But they'll get the laws changed and get to drill off the coast so they can maximize their profits, oh yes, indeed they will.

And we'll still be paying over $4.00 a gallon for the privilege of having sold our children's future a little further down the river.

Just because we were too lazy and spoiled to wait and invest in new technologies, which will probably take just as long as Big Oil getting the rigs up and running after having the laws changed in their favor.

Playing us like fiddles they are.

Thor sez: Smells fishy to me!

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jaz said...

No need for conspiracies when you have savvy enough marketing and spin.

Long ago, the best of the best in the game figured out that the answer to the question, "Are people really that stupid?" is...