Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Magical Medical Tour Continues

I wish I had a great story for how this happened. But I don't. All I did was get up to make a cup of coffee, turn to the left to put a spoon in the sink and boom! Massive muscle spasms in my lower back.

I've limped along the past few days with heat/ice/anti-inflammatory but yesterday had to admit defeat and go to the doc.

Who thinks I may have herniated or ruptured a disc.

For Pete's sake!

So I have 48 hours of muscle relaxers and pain pills. If no improvement, I get to add an MRI to the long list of expensive tests I've had this year.

My insurance company is probably having apoplexy.

Loki sez: Back up here and I'll massage your back with my Magic Paws.

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Marcheline said...

Poor you! I am a fellow back-pain sufferer, and I know how those spasms can creep up on you. One of my worst was brought on by nothing more simple than removing a leaf from my windshield! While the car was parked. I was standing next to it. Madness, I tell you.

Feel better soon!