Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Enriching the Lives of Others, One Tall Tale at a Time

We didn't go on my May birthday trip to some where we'd never been before this year. Deadlines, financial obligations, skyrocketing (no pun) air fare all contributed.

I had been planning a trip to Utah's south east corner to look at canyons and dinosaurs, but alas, it was not to be this year.

Instead we are looking at a big Autumn get away. Jason mentioned an art gallery or museum or something that had a display of one of his favorite artists. It is in East Stroudsburg, PA. So I looked and East Stroudsburg is right next to the Pocono region, nestled up to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

That sounds good for October. Crisp cool mountain air. Pretty leaves. Nice hikes to scenic vistas.

The problem I am having is finding accommodations. While I do not mind the likes of Budget Inns and Best Westerns for single night use, staying for a long stretch just doesn't appeal to me. (Because I'm a luxury snob, that is why - if I am on vacation I want to live an income class or two above myself - it's my vacation!)

So I have been looking into B&B's in the area and have found one in particular that I really, really like, but the cost per night is making even me blanch a wee bit. The only real problem I have with B&B's is the feeling that you have to mix with the other guests at breakfast (although we are usually up and on the trail hours before the 9am breakfast time - got to get that early morning light).

Once, at a B&B in the NC mountains another couple struck up a conversation with us, telling us all about the property they had looked at the day before, but at one point whatever-it-was million dollars, they just weren't sure if it was exactly what they wanted. The conversation then drifted to where-are-you-from. When I answered that we were from Charleston, the wife gushed how beautiful Charleston was and the husband asked if we lived near the Battery area. I gave him my sweet smile and replied, "Oh, no, we live up near the Gardens." Jason about choked on his coffee.

In preparation for a possible B&B breakfast in the Poconos, which will most likely be rife with fresh faced, dewy eyed honeymooners, I have concocted a story in which I add about ten years to my age, subtract about ten from Jason's age and tell the tale of true love discovered, never mind his six children he left behind or my ex-husband with the problem that even Viagra can't cure.

Jason won't go along with it. But really, I'm thinking of the poor honeymooners who lack the imagination to come up with a better spot for honeymooning than the Poconos (which I'm sure will be lovely, but it is a bit of a cliche to honeymoon there, no?). What a great bit of gossipy storytelling they will have to tell once they get home.

Loki sez: I'm amazed you are let out in public.

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Pat said...

Kathie and I always make up some story when we travel, especially since Kathie's a - oops! she'll kill me if I tell...But it's fun! Last year she was a madam. Wonder what we'll use this year since everyone who's traveling with us already knows us. Maybe we'll come up with new personas for the whole group!

BTW, I'm from Ohio and I would never have asked you about your Ebola!