Wednesday, July 09, 2008

That Room

You know, that room. The one where everything that doesn't have a place ends up. The room where things pile up until it approaches fire and health code violations.

Yeah, that one.

Around here it's the laundry room.

Well, no more. It had reached the point of making me insane and something inside me snapped.

Three loads of stuff marked "Free Stuff! Warning: May contain cat hair." have been laid along the road.

Two trash bags and one box full of trash are in the shed waiting for next trash pick up day.

Two loads of stuff have been carried up to the attic.

I've swept up enough kitty litter from under the dryer to supply the Charleston Animal Shelter for a year or two.

I've swept up enough cat and guinea pig hair to make several new pets.

I won't even begin to mention the GP turds.

I cleaned out the closet in there (yes, drool if you must, I have an 8' by 8' laundry room with a ginormous closet and built in shelves, why do you think it always becomes that room?). We now have one empty shelf, the vacuum cleaner put away, the steamer cleaner put away. One shelf for tools, one shelf for paint stuff (because I swear I am going to paint the ceilings....some day).

The floor has been swept, vacuumed and mopped within an inch of its life.

This clean.

The boyz say: About time you quit clanging and banging and cussing. We're trying to watch Cat TV here.


Saphyre Rose said...

Around here it is MY OFFICE SPACE!
We share what is ridiculously called the second bedroom as an office. You don't want to live at Village Square Apartments if you are claustrophobic!

Somehow, Lee feels I should know where all of this stuff goes so he piles it in my half of the room while his overflows with his computer and his modeling stuff.
Take note the other half of the room has my computer and my bead "junk". Note that his modeling stuff is "stuff" and my hobby is called junk. Hmmm. There are definitely 2 schools of thought here, my junk makes money and his stuff...doesn't!

The junk he places in my half and he truly feels that I KNOW where it all goes is mostly...HIS STUFF!
We have shelves built into this room in every possible wall space without us actually knocking ourselves unconscious with shelf edges. His shelves display his models, my shelves has his stuff on them along with one corner that has a tall rotating spindle of his CD's.

Today, I have put more of the things away as best I can considering I live in basically a dorm room (Truly, these apartments used to belong to Johnson and Wales.

Why do we let them do this to us? When I announced that today will be the day the "office" gets cleaned, he suddenly has a server emergency and can't come home until after 9PM!

Congratulations to you for cleaning your place, want to help me shift some models? Lee is working till 9 tonight! Coincidence? I think not.

Marcheline said...

It must be in the air... I came home today to find Bear on his knees in the computer room, up to his neck in piles of crap he was rearranging in order to get some of the stuff out of the middle of the floor.

In the winter time we say "we really have to go up in the attic and get rid of all that junk we never use, but it's just too cold now"...

In the summer time we say "we really have to go up in the attic and get rid of all that junk we never use, but it's too hot now..."

You see the vicious circle.

- M