Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Morning Weirdness

The mockingbird nesting in the pear tree just off the front porch screams at every living thing that comes within a mile of her nest. I usually ignore her, but this morning she was on the sidewalk, rushing at the bushes and I thought perhaps brown cat was out there. I didn't see anything when I opened the door and so went back to the business of caffeinating myself.

A while later, the boys were in their playroom/guest bedroom, staring intently out the window. Thinking the cat was back, I opened the front door and found a puppy on my porch.

A rather large liver colored perhaps a Labrador puppy. One of those already bigger than a grown cat with huge paws puppies.

A bit surprising, so I exclaimed, "Oh! A puppy!"

And puppy ran away up the street. He got about three houses up before being distracted from his romp by some interesting smell.

I hope he knows where he lives.

Thor sez: Puppy could live here?


Margo said...

Oh sweet. Maybe he'll come back??

Marcheline said...

Awwww... WUPPY! I love me some wuppy, but I can't have one where I live - no place to run.

- M