Friday, May 09, 2008

Freaky Friday

Ever since yesterday when I wrote that Thor isn't snuggly, he has been snuggled up beside me every opportunity he gets. I've had three snuggles today and right now he is laying on the floor behind me. Do you think he reads the blog at night?

I tried to do errands this morning, but got so dizzy and woozy I ended up getting a bottle of orange juice in Target and drinking it as I picked out Mother's Day cards. Then the cashier shook the half empty bottle when she rang it up and I had to admit I'd run out of the house without eating breakfast and my sugar was crashing and I had to drink it or I would have passed out.

I'm still trying to find a hanging lamp for the front room. My eyes have gotten so bad that unless it is high noon, I can't read in there. Actually I can't read any where unless there is an interrogation strength spotlight shining down on the page.

Tonight is my drama queen niece's last high school play. Soon she'll be drama queening it up at USC. The girl has got it going on. When she was thirteen, she came with me to a writer's group I attended and, in front of complete strangers and in public, read a section of a story she'd written. I'd have never had the guts to do that at 13, hell, I was 40 and the first time I read for the group, I almost fainted.

Loki sez: Fascinating. In other news, I hocked up a hairball in the laundry room.

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