Sunday, May 11, 2008

Loki Sunday

Not so low key. I awoke this morning around four a.m. to the sound of thunder. How far off, I didn't have to sit and wonder. It was right on top of us. So I had to go check on Thor, because despite being the God of Thunder, he is afraid of it. Plus he had a little teeny tiny drop of blood from his nostril yesterday, followed by some drainage (he is a sneezy allergy cat) and in my usual fashion, I'd whipped myself into a frenzy of fear that he has some sort of cancer of the sinus. He's fine.

And now we are under tornado warnings and it makes me think of several years ago, we had tornadoes on Mother's Day. Well, bad weather or not, today I must put gasoline in my car and groceries in my cabinets.

And now, caffeine into my bloodstream and Loki into your day.


Marcheline said...

What a beautiful face, what a noble profile - beauty like that hurts my heart a little.

- M

Japee said...

Stopping by to with you a Happy Mother's Day!