Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Day After

I wanted to write yesterday about Memorial Day and the awful hypocrisy we Americans participate in by devoting one day to teary eyed, goose-bumped devotions to those who have fallen in the service of this country while we allow our government to cut veterans benefits and deny benefits to the wounded. We house our beloved soldiers in moldy substandard housing, we pay them so little that military families qualify for food stamps and WIC.

But Rose beat me to it.

So I will only add my heartfelt, "Tell it, sistah!"

Patriotism means more than taking five minutes once or twice a year to "remember" before you go boating or out on your picnic.

If you truly love and respect the military, you will pay attention to what your representatives are doing to them and make your voice heard.

That's all.

And to my favorite man in uniform, thank you!

That's my baby boy on the far right, goofing off with his buddies. I know he is goofing off because he knows I will whip him with a belt if he is still smoking!


Saphyre Rose said...

I was on a bit of a tear that day.

You son is a cutie! What ship is he on? My son is in the Navy as well.

I wish they would all come home and I am so afraid if "I will never surrender and I will not be defeated" McCain gets into the Oval Office.

He is so willing to play his chicken hawk games with the lives of our sons and daughters.

JanetLee said...

Thanks, Rose. I was going to email you to answer your question, but don't have an address. I don't feel comfortable giving out ship information here in such a "public place", I'm sure it's just silliness, but I can't help it. He is stationed in Norfolk though.