Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Blogger Spotting

Spotted wandering the halls of a local hospital: the Pat half of Pat and Kathie.

And just why was Pat wandering the halls of said hospital after midnight on a week day?

Because she is marvelous. And she was bringing me strawberry shortcake and presents. Because I am marvelous. No, because it was a part of the Nurses Week celebration and I was swamped and wasn't going to be able to get down to the give away spot before they stopped giving stuff away.

Told ya she was marvelous.

And I got to personally tell her how I was glowing green with envy over her upcoming trip with her sis and fellow blogger Joan to hike across England along Hadrian's Wall, wandering from countryside inn to countryside inn.

Green. With. Envy.

Loki sez: But you'd miss us, look how cute we are, how could you be away from such cuteness?


Jessie said...

Right you are, Janet! My mom is the best!


Katharine said...

We will have eight cats missing us! Waugh!

Pat said...

Actually, that would be 10, Kath - my 5, your 3, and Janet's 2!