Monday, May 26, 2008

Mick Monday?

Jason thinks that I am being horribly unfair to Mick Jagger. Not that Mick Jagger. This Mick Jagger:

It is no secret I am in no way fond of the guinea pig who lives in the laundry room. But I am kind to him. I feed him fresh veggies and fruit. Which he snatches from my fingers while managing to bite me, then squeals rudely as if I had kept him waiting. He stinks. He poops on his food. He poops and pees where ever he happens to be standing when the urge hits him.

I do not find these qualities attractive in a pet. Two of the best things about cats are: 1) to litter train you show them where the box is, once. 2) they bury their poop.

And personally, I think we should change his name to Keith Richards because he is about six years old (10,400 in guinea pig years) and he just keeps going.

But I suppose it is a bit unfair that Thor and Loki get all the attention.

Loki sez: Pungent.

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