Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thor's Day!

Condescension. Felines invented it.

I know many local bloggers are meeting at the ball game tonight to sit in the heat, swat gnats and eat stadium food, but I'll be swishing around an air conditioned art gallery, noshing on fine food and perhaps sipping a glass of wine while perusing Purse as Art and pretending I fit in with the kewl kid krowd.

Join us if you can. It's for a great cause. I'll be the tired looking gray haired lady with cat hair on my clothes!


Kelly Love said...

I'll be at the purse auction tonight too! See you there.

Uncle Zoloft said...

Yay! J I was so happy to meet face to face tonight. Total $$ for the purses I worked on was $425 for the C4W!!!!!!

Thor needs to make a purse next year.

Heather said...

I hope you had a lovely time.

For what it's worth the weather was perfect with a breeze that kept the gnats away.

JanetLee said...

K - it was good to see you again. Today I will write lines: I must not be such a hermit.

Uncle Z - it was wonderful to meet you. I'm not surprised your purse made some $$$ - it always had a cluster of people gathered round. I just wish the event hadn't taken place during mortgage paying week.

H - it looks like you guys had a good time too. Sorry I missed it, but a quick drop in at the purse event was about all I could handle. If I'd had to sit in the warm sun, I'd have been snoring and drooling within 30 minutes.