Monday, April 14, 2008

Stuff I Need to Do

Finish painting the ceilings. (ha!)

Make doctor's appointment. (Fun, on hold for an hour then try to match my schedule with doc's schedule)

Find a new eye brow waxer. I look like Brezhnev. But the last person I went to put a hole in my brow. The person before that barely shaped them up. The person before that left me looking like I'd shaved them and drawn a line back on.

Get a hair cut. I've got the serious Carol Brady shag going on.

Go through books to sort out some collections for Jason to sell on E-bay.

Decide how to spend my economic stimulus bucks (oh and thanks that people who choose to breed, who already get more deductions than I do, so pay less taxes than I do, get more money back than I do.) Choices are: 1. an entertainment center to replace my $50Walmart P.O.S., 2. an efficient and quiet dishwasher - the current one is so old, so water wasteful and so loud that we've been hand washing dishes for close to four years now, which isn't a problem, but sometimes you just don't want to, and 3. a patio for the back porch, a spot to grill and chill.

Or do I just want to stuff the wad o' cash into my savings account and to heck with the economy? Let it stimulate itself.

Get up off my butt and go to the grocery store.

Thor sez: While you are out, I could use a new toothbrush, thanks!

(Note to any newcomers - that is Thor's personal toothbrush, not one of his humans'!)

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