Monday, April 28, 2008

Calling Dr. Freud!

Not really, I think he was a misogynistic prick, but I digress.

Dreams. Last night - or more correctly, this morning - I had a dream that I forgot I was supposed to go to work at 11pm. This makes sense as I am going to work tonight at 11pm and it is not in my normal schedule to do so. Some anxiety over forgetting is understandable.

But after I realized I had forgotten, I called to tell them I'd be a few minutes late, then tried to get in the shower, but it was a shower for little people and I couldn't fit. Then I couldn't find my toothbrush. Then a car that was my "dream car" was parked funny and it took me a while to get it free of the parking space, then it started to rain and my windshield wipers flew off, then some random dream good-ole-boy said he could fix them but it would take a few hours. Then I started ranting and raving about how I was going to be fired because I was already an hour late. Then my mother - my MOTHER of all people - suggested that I take a raft to work.

Now here is where I need some dream analysis. This is not the first time I've had to raft to work. (Technically I didn't in this dream - someone offered to drive me.) But I have had a dream before where I was in Mt. Pleasant and was late for work and had to paddle a raft down the Cooper River, across the harbor, up the Ashley River to Church Creek where I climbed through the mud up the bank behind my house and didn't even have time to take a shower, but had to drive to work with the sweet perfume of pluff mud upon me.

I mean, I live less than three miles from work. My commute is turn right, turn right, go straight, park. And I work nights so I don't have rush hour traffic to deal with. It isn't like it's a hardship to be dreaded, going to work.

And why rafting? Why can't I have a nice cabin cruiser or a Jet Ski, why not even a nice john boat? Why do I have to paddle leaky old rubber rafts to work?

Thor sez: Well, we all know that Freud would think.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, no deep analysis here! But, that is so like your mother - Just solve the problem! And, she would always want to be sure you had a paddle when you were up the creek (and probably clean underwear)!
Love - Auntie