Saturday, April 12, 2008

Like a Bolt From the Blue

A request for Since I've Been Loving You. Seriously. I'd pretty much forgotten about the submission I made way back so long ago I can't even really remember when it was.

But I had to get up and leave during a scene of I am Legend. Good movie, I love Will Smith, but I sure wish I hadn't known about the puppy before I saw the movie, I might have enjoyed it more without the gut wrenching waiting-for-it tension.

I took the moment to check my email and there it was. A nice note asking to see the entire manuscript. I've been asked to send chapters before, but never a whole manuscript.

Holy Bolts From the Blue, Batman!

So I'll wash her little face, but some clean clothes on my little baby girl and send her off into the big ole world today.

Thor sez: Just fill a book with pictures of me if you want a best seller!


Japee said...

What! What?! This is so tremendously cool. How exciting. Quick mail it off.

I am so good at basking in the glory of famous friends.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations.....getting published was certainly a highlight in my life....God Bless, Can't wait till I can buy it on Amazon or come to a book signing. Pam, South Bend

Pat said...

Fabulous! Congrats, Janet!

Marcheline said...

I must have missed something, will have to go back and search your posts. What is "Since I've Been Loving You"?


- M

JanetLee said...

Thanks y'all. It has been sent via email attachment per request.

M- it is the title of my novel.

I refuse to get excited, it still has many, many hurdles to clear before it even gets to someone who will say yes or no to maybe publishing.

Heather said...

I don't think it's a matter of if so much as when. I also don't know how you can manage not to get your hopes up. Best of luck.