Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Money, Idiots and WTF?

I must confess, when I saw the headline on Comcast this morning, that a hospital in Spain isn't going to give its nurses bonuses unless they wear skirts, my first thought was: They get BONUSES?

Holy freaking cow.

If someone is "concerned" because they had never heard of Barack Obama before three years ago (but admits to doing no research nor reading any news magazines or publications), but had no similar concerns that they hadn't "heard of" Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee until this primary started, does that make them racist or an idiot?

Have I become stupendously intelligent or has the local news become breathtakingly stupid? This morning on one of the local stations, there was a "news story" (read bit o' propaganda). The newscaster seriously, seriously, y'all said that while these two random national guard soldiers were "a MILLION MILES away from home", they were following the primaries. Cut to shot of two macho uniform guys walking down a side walk to say that when people started talking about the economy and you know, issues facing us here at home, it "HURT their feelings". Really? Hurt your feelings that other issues were being included in national debates? We should ONLY talk about Iraq? That is all we should talk about and nothing else?

You are a grown man and don't understand that there is more than one issue facing this nation, one of the most important is, of course, bringing you home from Cheney's money making scheme? But only one of many issues facing this nation.

Or was is some big wig's idea of trying to be all Karl Rovian and inject a feeling of guilt so that we just shut up? I'd like to talk about who decided that this was news and not some personal opinion. Because that is was it was, personal opinion, not fact.

Loki sez: Well it hurts my feelings that no-one has ever said one word about the issue of shredded versus loaf cat food, but I don't see any news crews out here interviewing me!


Marcheline said...

My cats are all about the loaf. If I dare give them shredded, they just lick off the gravy and leave the shreds to wrinkle and dry in the bottom of the bowl.

Dunno what it is about the shreds, man - they dis the shreds.

- M

JanetLee said...

M- Loki licks all the gravy off, then Thor eats the food, so it works for them. But put down loaf and you get the dreaded sniff, glare and bury.