Monday, April 07, 2008

I Really Can't Help Myself

I am usually very good at denying myself selfish little "wants". I have what I need and I usually save cash for the things I merely want. But I couldn't stop myself. I saw, I wanted, I dipped into savings to buy.

But seriously, look:


And after:

And now to have some of Jason's Sedona Chapel of the Holy Cross pictures enlarged to
11x14 and framed. I think the reds and golds will be perfect.


Marcheline said...

I am so consumed with jealousy at your bookshelves that I refuse to even countenance the existence of cool, funky rugs. I might implode.

BOOKSHELVES!!!! (Wringing my hands at the thought of all the books locked away in cardboard boxes in our attic, wishing they could breathe)

- M

Japee said...

Marcheline said exactly what I was thinking - look at all those bookshelves! Wow. Lucky you.

And the rug is cool too :)

Anonymous said...

You deserve an indulgence now and then! It's a magical carpet, pretty and, yeah, I like the book shelves, too!

JanetLee said...

Thanks ya'll. I looked at them. How very messy they are!