Friday, April 18, 2008

The Good One

Greeting me upon my arrival home:

Loki sez: It fell over! All by itself! I was trying to pick it up, but I don't have thumbs! You know I don't have thumbs!

Thor sez: Uh, huh. Something smells and it ain't the kitty litter.


Margo said...

Cats got thumbs ain't they? ;)

Marcheline said...

HA! Been there.

My solution? Cramming the two front windowsills so full of plants that a) no one can see in or out of the windows and (most importantly) b) there is no room for even a small cat to sit or walk.

No room to jump up = ONE POINT FOR MOMMY!

Of course, revenge is sweet - they turn over my waste paper can and play soccer with the contents, and rub all their excess hair off on my curtains.....

- M