Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random Stuff

Trivia question: How many claws does a cat have?

Bonus question: How many holes do I have in my flesh after Thor flopped on my lap and almost slid off and I tried to grab him to stop him from falling and that scared him so he had to rocket off my legs like a mad cat?

Answers: Twenty and thirteen.

When I went to find Thor after I'd inspected and cleaned my wounds, this is what I found:

Poor kitten. Hid in the laundry basket.

I didn't get the ceilings painted yesterday (a-hahahaha), but I did order travel guides for South Dakota, Wyoming and Utah. My May birthday trip has been postponed to September for various reasons. I have some insane idea of flying to South Dakota, renting a car, driving to Mt. Rushmore, then to Wyoming and Yosemite and Grand Tetons, then driving to Colorado for Rocky Mountain National Park, then to Utah for Arches and Canyonlands National Parks then flying home from there.

I know, it is insane.

1. It would require at least two weeks and I think your nursing license is revoked if you request more than two days off a year.

2. I couldn't be away from the furbags that long, although right now, with 13 fresh holes in my legs, it doesn't sound that bad.

3. When I told Jason I got one of those looks, like he knows I'm insane but he isn't going to say I'm insane because he knows I'll realize it on my own pretty soon so best just to nod along until such time.

But doesn't it sound cool?


Anonymous said...

Mt.Rushmore and the area around it is beautiful. There ia a light show every night at Mt.Rushmore that is a lesson in American history and it is spectacular. There is a drive thru the area that is mapped for you. I think it is called 17 mile or 21 mile.....anyway you drive thru several "arches" cut thru the mountains framing breathtaking scenery.....the wildlife will also take your breath away....driving along going around a blind curve and there in the road in front of you a dozen buffalo......we took a helicopter ride (I know not really nature friendly.....but what a site) we flew around Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse....lots of hiking trails thru quiet... peaceful... land. So many photo opportunties..You would love every relaxing moment....God Bless, Pam South Bend

Margo said...

Yes - very, very cool. But I would expect nothing less from you. ;)