Monday, February 11, 2008

You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

How sad to wake up to the news that Roy Scheider has died. He was one of those actors, when you saw his name in the credits, you just knew the movie was going to be good.

Of course, I loved him for his role in my number one favorite movie of all time, Jaws.

Seriously. Jaws is my favorite movie. The theme of every-day-guy triumphing over impossible odds is done to perfection in this movie. Throw in the class wars between Hooper and Quint, the political machinations of the slimy Mayor Vaughn and you've got something more than a shark-eats-man story.

Of course, on that summer day that changed all our lives (really, tell me that since seeing that movie, it doesn't pop into your mind the moment you step into the ocean waters) I didn't see all the power struggles and themes. I was still young enough to have to have my friend Kristie's mom drive us to the Aviation Theater on River's Avenue to see it. I nibbled on the large Hershey Bar with Almonds during the credits, but by the movie's end, the chocolate was a half melted mess in my hand.

No, it took several veiwings over many years of grown-upedness before the brilliant layering of personalities and conflicts became clear.

But I always loved Chief Brody. I especially loved him when, while Quint and Hooper male-bonded over their various scars from their manly adventures, Brody quietly lifted his shirt and looked at his appendectomy scar then quickly covered it back up. But he saved the day in the end, didn't he?

Rest in peace, Mr. Scheider, rest in peace.

Thor sez: "Love to prove that, wouldn't ya? Get your name in National Geographic."

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Pat said...

Yeah, I don't swim in the ocean at all anymore, thanks to Jaws.

I liked him in 2010 too. He was just a nice, normal guy, it seemed. Not too many of those. Thanks, Roy.