Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Random Stuff on a Tuesday

The person who injects the radioactive juice for the heart study, I wonder how many jokes she/he has heard about obtaining super powers.

I wouldn't like to be a middle aged mutant ninja turtle, but being able to fly might be fun.

I hate those commercials about people who don't know why e-Harmony has turned them down. It is because you were flagged as not being honest on the personality test you took. It has many built in lie detectors.

Is it weird that I really like the music on the original GEICO caveman commercial, you know, the one where he is in the airport, tennis racket slung over a shoulder, double checking his ticket. The music is kind of 70's cheesy white man calypso keyboard pap. I really like it and I worry what that says about my taste in general. (Edit: oh how often I forget the power of Google! The song is Remind Me by Royksopp, a Norwegian group.)

I know fur is murder, but if a mink stole is over 80 years old and the minks it was made of would have died of natural causes long, long ago, is it okay to own?

Why is it that I can be very funny by accident, then brilliantly play it up, like I meant to be funny, but I can't be funny on purpose?

Thor sez: Why are you constantly taking pictures of me when I'm trying to sneeze?

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Pat said...

Ooh, I think flying would be lots of fun too, but in my dreams I always get caught up in the overhead telephone and electric wires. I'm sure reality would be better!