Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mountain Lions and Cheetahs and Leopards, Oh My

We zipped downtown today to see Jack Hanna and some animals as part of the SEWE. Actually, this was the first time I'd ever been to any events. I was usually working.

I got to ooh and ahh and wish I could take serval cat home with me. He had such a Thor face.

But I really liked the Clouded Leopard.

The little Cape fox was cute, all ears and curled up puppy-shy.

Then they had things like snakes (ick) and skunks and possums and a three banded armadillo. When Jack Hanna asked if we had armadillos here in Charleston, I shuddered, hoping that Chi... that someone who is very touchy about that subject wasn't in the audience. I wanted more kittens, not arguments.

But I was rewared with the big finale, a cheetah! He was soooo gorgeous.

After that, we strolled up to Jestine's for lunch and only stood in line for about fifteen minutes, all the while my heart was going THUMP-WHUMP THUMP-WHUMP who do you think you are galavanting all of three blocks THUMP-WHUMP. Made all the worse by the girl behind us in line who was discussing her trip to Germany and Switzerland and how she was too drunk all the time to see any sights, just went from bar to bar getting drunk. Then I really almost had a heart attack from trying to keep a straight face while she described this place in San Francisco that served "really, like, exotic, like stuff." Like they didn't have ham and cheese omelets, oh no, their omelets had "like fettucini and sun dried tomatoes". (I think she meant feta cheese, that oh so exotic cheese that I have to go all the way to BiLo to find.)

Unfortunately, I was feeling so winded and weird with my heart thumping, that I caused a minor scene in Jestine's by not being able to finish my lunch. I don't think they've ever had anyone not lick the plate clean. But I ever so politely explained that I just wasn't feeling very well and if I could take that yummy meatloaf home, I'd be sure to gobble it down with mucho gusto (which I did) once I was feeling better.

The boys say: We don't know why you had to go downtown to look at cats when you have us to look at for free!

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Anonymous said...

You CAN have a serval! Well, sort of, in case you haven't seen the Savannah Cats -
They are VERY expensive and huge and I really want one but because of the price, I would have to stay home all day and watch it!