Friday, February 01, 2008

Bundle Branches and Blocks, Oh My!

Good news, I do not share WPW syndrome with MeatLoaf and Marilyn Manson, no offense guys, but ick.

Not really bad news, I seem to have a right bundle branch block, a similar short in the electrical system.

More tests to follow.

I'm just glad to have a label to stick on my symptoms. All too often, even in these modern times, if a person who just happens to have a uterus gets some hard to diagnose symptoms, it gets labeled as "in her head". AKA: "anxiety".

And I've been rewarding my inner girl with gifts:

A personally autographed copy by one of the Kewlest Kids I know: Kelly Love Johnson. (sorry Kelly, I'd give you top Kewl Kid status, but Shari was a professional pool player! It's hard to beat that.)

A great, great book for anyone with a job or planning to have a job. Must read! Quick and sassy and full of real life lessons and information! I read half of it in the doctor's waiting room this morning.

And from a very rare, for me, moment of "OMG, I have to have those":

I recently changed all my work uniforms to shades of pink and bought these for work. But I just might have to get a second pair for every day.

Loki sez: And I get the shoe box, right? I've almost chewed the last one down to nothing.

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Boby said...

Wow… I love pink color and those shoes are soooo me!!! Those need to be in my closet.