Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Top Ten List

Top Ten Super Powers I'd Like to Get with the Nuke Juice Tomorrow:

10. Plastic limbs

9. Rock Muscles

8. Sonic Boom Voice

7. Fire Vision

6. X-ray Vision

5. Breathing underwater

4. Cat Stealth

3. Invisibility

2. Flight

And the Number One super power skill I'd like to get after being shot up with nuke juice................

1. Perky size quadruple F boobs and a ten inch waist -and the ability to breath- while whipping bad guys butts in a bodice -that doesn't fall down- and high heels -that I don't twist an ankle on- without mussing my hair or getting a run in my fishnet thigh-highs!

Loki sez: I would have thought she'd go for the cat stealth as number one.
Thor sez: That's why she has us!


Pat said...

I can't believe you went with the boobs over invisibility and flight, although I like the butt-kicking part!

jaz said...

For Pete's sake!

JanetLee said...

Pat - it's actually a bit of an "in-joke" for Jason. I am often found rolling my eyes at the abnormally busty women in comic book world.

Anonymous said...

I will pray for you tomorrow.....for wisdom of all involved and a sense of peace for you. Pam, South Bend

Pam said...

Wow, I'd go for breathing underwater. Now how cool would that be!

I hope that everything goes well for you.