Monday, February 18, 2008

And More Babies

Yesterday, we went to my mother's house for lunch and for Jason to do some photographs with the new baby and her great-granny. My mom had in mind reproducing an old photograph from way back in the way backs. It was a photograph of my two older brothers, my mom, her mom and her mom's mom.

But she couldn't lay her hands on the original for us to attempt an accurate recreation, so Jason had to wing it.

That gave me an opportunity to rifle through boxes and boxes of old pictures until they had to gently tear me away from them.

But some items I managed to swipe so I could scan them. And some of my pictures I swiped so they would never see the light of day.

How about this one:

I've been told that is a certain Auntie Anonymous and her Grandmother Nimitz.

And Auntie, I didn't steal it, but I found a photograph of the infamous Florida poodles who helped scandalize Holly Hill.

How about this:

That's me at 2 months with my mom in Germany.


Margo said...

Weren't you just the cutest!

Anonymous said...

My great aunt knit me a dress for my one year photo 1949. Thankfully my mom kept the dress. When my daughter turned one 1970 she had here photo taken in it. When her daughter turned one in 1999 her one year picture was taken in it. We each have them displayed in our homes one next to the next. Hopefully if we are blessed with great grandchildren we will continure the tradition. Pam, South Bend

Anonymous said...

NO! I was the cutest! - (sound like your kittens?)

Japee said...

Awwwwwwww! I love it. I can see your mom in you. What a treasure.

JanetLee said...

Pam - my mother has a photograph of herself in her christening dress and she has had a photograph made of all her grand-daughters in that dress. (I was skipped because it wasn't in her possession when I was the proper age.) It makes a gorgeous display. I guess little Hannah will be the first great-grand in the dress.

Auntie Anon - you were the cutest! Still are!

Joan - my mom and I look so much alike it's scary. She was 25 in that photo and I think she looked way better than I did at that age.

Marcheline said...

Love the pic of you and your mom... it looks as if she thought the photographer was only going to capture you, and that by leaning away she would avoid being in the picture.

Either that, or you were particularly fragrant at the moment... hee hee!


- M