Friday, February 29, 2008

Leaping Lizards!

A whole extra day! I feel sorry for people born on February 29. I mean, they only have their "real" day every four years. But I suppose it's a plus when you are forty and can honestly say you've only had ten birthdays.

I wish I was doing something with my extra day besides hitting the redial button every 30 seconds trying for an open line into my doctor's office so I can schedule all these new consults and blood tests I'm supposed to have.

Actually, I have much to do today and tomorrow. I have been far too slack and now that I know I'm not going to keel over and die, I need to get caught up.

And I'm sorry I didn't make it out to the meet-up last night. But to be completely honest, that place has several very bad memories associated with my previous life and it takes a lot of mental and emotional energy to make myself go there. And last night I didn't have what it takes.

Sunday, we are going to try to have a date day and have a picnic somewhere, probably Cypress Gardens as I haven't been there since....I can't think of how long. So I need to find some yummy easy picnic food. And a basket.

And take out a loan for the gas money to drive there. For real people! I feel sorry for y'all that have long distances to drive. It cost me almost $40 to fill the tank on my little car the other day. Luckily, I don't drive very far so a tank will last me almost a month. But I know people who have to fill up every week. People who live in Jedburg and Summerville and Harleyville and Huger who drive to West Ashley for work. Yikes, I feel for them!

And wait until those high gas prices start getting passed on to the consumers and food prices start sky-rocketing. I'm thinking about putting in a container garden so I can grow my own veggies this year. I need to figure out how to keep the raccoons and possums out of it, but I'm sure there are ways.

I just don't have much excess spending in my budget (we won't discuss my book habit, I have cut way back on that - the last book I bought was a Neonatal Intensive Care text that I can deduct from taxes). There isn't much trimming I can do other than in the food budget.

Okay, now I'm just blithering away so I don't have to start writing/editing. Initiating self discipline now.

Loki sez: I think Leap Day should be spent feeding me tuna treats and brushing me.


Heather said...

It's OK. I must say though that you did miss a great gathering. There was a lot of banter and pirate imitations.

Pat said...

Hey Janet, I just read your post about your treadmill results. Congrats! But if it is menopause, GOOD LUCK. Trust me, it does weird stuff to your body, mind, and soul!

joan said...

Leap Day - and I completely forgot to ask anyone to marry me. Cool :)