Friday, September 29, 2006

Yesterday, we were taking a table back to my cousin's condo on Seabrook Island. When turning left on Bee's Ferry, a young man passed us, his hand slipping out the half opened window.

"Is that a joint?" I asked.

Above mentioned hand then withdrew back in the car, and raised to the mouth in the classic tokin' position.

Bold as brass balls, toking up right there in traffic.

It was kind of funny. One of those 'drugs are bad for you' 'you shouldn't be high when driving' moments overlaid on memories of my own high school age self doing the same damn stupid thing.

Ah, youth. I feel like an old geezer.

In other news, I sent out two more query packages today. I've run through all my first choice agents that just wanted a query letter. Now I am in the special requests list. This agent wants a letter, a one paragraph synopsis and the first 10 pages. That agent wants a letter and a five page outline and the first chapter. And this one wants a letter, three chapters, a bio and a publishing history.

It's time consuming. And postage stamp consuming.

But the good thing is that I learned how to print labels!

Eyes of the Thor-bee

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