Sunday, October 01, 2006

I've been a little sad all summer. One of the things I've been sad about was our across the street neighbor. I'd mentioned her here before as "crazy yard lady". She was the one who vacuumed her lawn with the riding mower all winter. But, I'll tell you, she took a nasty looking, neglected yard and turned it in to a show piece. Then last April, I noticed the old guy from down the street was mowing her lawn. Then things started to appear on the side of the yard. Two signs were posted. One said trash, the other said free.

I got a nice basket.

Then I began to worry. So Jason went over one afternoon when there was a young man out in the yard and found out that she'd died in May. Now this was a woman who was out working in her yard sun-up to sun-down and could swing an axe better than most men I've seen.

So when her gorgeous yard starting blooming, I kept looking at all the beauty she'd created and was sad that she wasn't around any longer to enjoy it. So I try to enjoy it. I look over and admire the crape myrtle blooms. Or marvel over how quickly the eucalyptus tree is growing. I take a moment at the mailbox to breathe in it's menthol like scent. I note how well the pear trees she planted are doing. I'm looking forward to the first fall color on them for her.

I think she'd like that her garden is still blooming, still beautiful.

Loki sez: It's my turn to hop out of the basket!

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joan said...

How lovely to be remembered for leaving beauty though. Nice entry. She's be smiling if they read blogs in the heavenly internet cafe.