Friday, October 06, 2006

Smoke 'em if ya got 'em

I've long believed that marijuana should be legal.

First for monetary reasons. It's something like a billion dollar a year cash crop in this country. Package it like cigarettes, tax the ever-loving-freaking-hell out of it and put some of that money in the pockets of politicians and bureaucrats who will spend it for the greater good, not on porn tapes and potato chips.

(Removing tongue from cheek now)

Seriously. I've always supported medical marijuana. It reduces the chances of going blind with glaucoma. It increases the appetites and decreases the pain levels of AIDS patients and patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

Yes, I know there is a THC pill that supposedly does the same thing as token up. But it doesn't. I've known a couple people who were prescribed the pills and gave them up in favor of illegally buying and rolling their own. Why take the risk?

Because the pills give them one big whallop. Rolling their own, they can take one toke or two, just enough to ease the pain or jump start the appetite or knock back the nausea. In other words, they can use less.

And really, does it make much sense to talk about the risks of inhaling marijuana smoke when ten different kinds of poison is being pumped into them as a cure?

But now I've got even more reason to want it legal. As a person with several relatives with Alzheimers, I'd kind of want the option to treat myself if it became necessary.

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