Friday, October 27, 2006

Okay, I'm a dork

Nothing wrong with Loki's eye. A little tiny hair was stuck up under the lid and was wandering around. They put dye in the eye and lit it up, no scratches, no ulcerations, nothing but an embarassed mom.

But once again, my ABSOLUTLEY AWESOME vet - Chad Reynolds at Central Vet Clinic in Summerville - shows how the BEST he is - no charge for the visit, even after I offered to pay for an office visit at the least.

Loki's new favorite toy: green puff ball

Loki's new favorite game: you can't see me

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Pam said...

A friend of my once took her dog to the Vet for what she swore was a rapidly-spreading, flesh-eating disease (this friend was a nurse in the Navy for 20 years).

It was a tick.