Thursday, October 19, 2006

I have an idea.. about we ditch the entire current school board (really just who do these people think they are? Some kind of big-shot politicians because they preside over one of the worst school districts in the state?).

We'll replace them with ten and eleven year olds from the schools.


Well, they'll be more mature.

This entire espisode is so completely disgusting that I'm saddened that I'm not more shocked by it.

No Child Left Behind! Children Are Our Future! Children Count!

No, petty squabbles best left to the eighth grade popular kids lunch table are what are important to these people. Finger pointing, he said/she said, falsehoods, smear campaigns, accusations without evidence.

No wonder our schools suck. This is the quality of leadership?

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Vera said...

It would be merely tiresome if so much weren't at stake.

Everyone involved needs to know it off and grow up.