Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Words are not enough

Girls sexually assaulted and murdered in school.

Five Amish girls shot execution style in their school room. Five more may not make it.

Women murdered for the babies in their wombs.

Young girls snatched from streets, raped and murdered. Dumped in ponds, buried in shallow graves.

Senators, men of God, teachers, homeland security employees sexually stalking young children on-line.

One in four girls, one in six boys in this nation are sexually molested by age 18.

In North Charleston, a woman and her four children shot in a domestic dispute.

And personally, two babies I sent home were within months beaten to death (alledgedly) by their daddies.

And personally, I have cared for at least six babies under the age of two who were dunked in scalding water and burned - second and third degree burns - by their mothers or fathers or aunts. Why? Because they wet their pants.

When are we as a nation going to admit that we don't really care about children?

70 billion dollars for a war, but a shelter for abused women doesn't have security precautions enough to stop a man from entering and murdering his wife who was trying to do what society tells her to do - leave?

70 billion dollars for a war, but we cut social services - parenting classes, support for at-risk moms and children that could end the cycle of poverty and abuse that so many American children live in.

70 billion dollars for a war, but our public schools have to have fund raisers constantly just to get the supplies they need.

70 billion dollars for a war, but there aren't enough care facilities to house children who need protection from their own families.

70 billion dollars for a war, but there aren't enough drug and alcohol rehabs to help addicted men and women break their cycles and become the parents their children need them to be.

70 billion dollars for a war, but our mentally ill wander the streets and we only care when they kill someone.

It's time to stop paying lip service to "family values".

We've wasted our ounce of prevention. It's time for the pound of cure.

70 billion dollars. To kill, maim, and destroy.

While our children are murdered in their homes, their beds, their classrooms.

No child left behind, my ass. The dead ones, the beaten ones, the ones unlucky enough to be born to the wrong parents are being left behind.

In graves.


Pam said...

Great post.

Vera said...

I agree, great post.

Our actions speak louder than words.

Heather said...

It hurts to see where the priorities lie, doesn't it?

Janet E. said...

To me, this is so wrong at a spiritual, core level that it's sickening. We should demand better.