Friday, October 27, 2006

Hi ho, hi ho

it's off to the vet we go. With Loki cat, who is so fat, hi ho hi ho.

Last night I was taking pictures of the cats because they are cute and I am insane. This morning, I downloaded them on the computer and began sorting through them. Then I got to a close up of Loki and there was this thing in his eye. At first, I thought it was a whisker hanging down in front of his eye, but no, on other pictures, it is clearly a big oval blob right over his pupil.

So I went and got the actual, real cat and held him up to the window. It looks like tiny scratches on his eye.

Then, I have my obligatary freak out, compete with stomach cramps and near hyperventilation: Oh no...his retina is detached and now it's ulcerated and he is going to lose the entire eye and I'll have a one-eyed cat and it's not fair because Loki has the best round owl eyes I've ever seen.

Then, I calmed down and realized that he was and hasn't been showing any symptoms of any kind of discomfort, no drainage, no squinting, no third eyelid rolling up, he can see out of it (blinks when I flick a finger towards it), the pupil contracts and constricts in perfect harmony with the other eye.

So I called my poor long suffering vet and have an appointment this afternoon. Which surprised me because he is getting so popular (because he is AWESOME) that it's hard to get a right-away appointment.

But they were really cute pictures because it's getting cooler and the boys have taken to snuggling up on the bed because the mattress pad warmers are on low so the humans will have a warm bed at bedtime.

And I'd share them with you if blogger would cooperate.
Edit: Okay, it was my fault, not bloggers. The photos were hi res.

Loki licking Thor's ear.

Snuggle kitties.

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