Monday, October 09, 2006

I will go and vote on Novemeber 7. I always vote. I've voted in every election held since I turned 18, except one, when I had a raging case of influenza and a temperature of 104.

When ever anyone starts to complain about politics or the state of the nation, I always ask if they voted. If they did not, I will not listen unless held captive by circumstance. I will, however, tell them that they have no right to complain now if they didn't bother to vote.

These people running for the various offices aren't just politicians. They are you. Your voice. It's your responsibility to give your voice to the person you want to represent you.

So, I'll vote.

But I must say that I don't think it will matter any more. I mean, it will matter that I made my voice heard. It will matter that I participated in the process. But I don't think the results will matter. Not any more. Not these days.

But I really don't think it will matter much who gets elected, which party has control of which house. I don't think it will matter at all.

The taint of corruption is too deep on both sides of the aisle, in every house. Politics has never in history been so far away from the ideal of serving your country, your state, your town, your fellow citizens.

It's now a career path to riches. Can't make it in big business? Go in to politics, get your pockets lined by lobbyists, make good connections, pass laws that will help you and your buddies (get more donations), block laws that would hurt you and your buddies, retire on the lecture circuit.

Both parties. All levels. No hope. Not in these times. Not with these problems.

Ah, Mr. Smith, where are you now?

Thor and Loki play network news show, no: House of Representatives, no: Senate, no: Chas. Co. School Board, no: State House. Oh, I give up, what are you playing?
Loki: Fools.


jaz said...

I agree.

I am so sick of BOTH major political parties and every campaign being nothing but shameless digging up of dirt and finger pointing.

Uncle Zoloft said...

I agree too, but I like to b!tch about politics so I'll be voting Nov. 7th.

Here r my votes so far:
Education: Jim Rex ~ he has experience in this field. Karen Floyd is a mouthpiece.

House: Matta. Henry Brown is a jerk, he's pushing for off-shore drilling while buying up land in Georegtown and Horry counties - if not him buying the land his backers sure as hell are. + He is for Amendment #1.

Amendment #1: NO. I know there is no way in God's good earth that this Amendment will fail - yet I hope.

Governor: Tom McKinney. My father-in-law. We agree on many issues. After discussing the lack of a real candidate for Governor I decided to write Tom in. He has agreed to serve if elected.

Lt. Governor: Stephen Barber. I know his position on Amendment 1 and Andre Bauer will have a better career in NASCAR.

I'm going to do some campaign headquarter calling on where candidates stand on Amendment #1 and base my vote on that one issue; except for Jim Rex ~ when it comes to education in this state I'll always vote what's best for children.

JanetLee said...

Oh how I wish that every American eligible to vote would come out this election and vote every incumbent in the House and Senate (at least) out of office. Send a big fat kick in the ass. But it won't. It's pathetic.

Uncle Z - keep me posted on who says what about Amendment One. My plan is to vote against incumbents - particularly that condescending slimeball Henry Brown - but it'd be interesting to see who favors it. But like you said, in SC, I have little hope of it being defeated.