Monday, October 02, 2006

Last night at work, the song "If" by Bread came on the radio. I jumped up to turn up the volume (a little).

"Oh," I said, "I remember when this album (yes album you fetus!) came out. I was in high school and we were so poor, I couldn't afford even a cassette tape. All my friends were buying it and I was so jealous. So I baby sat and even took care of the people down the street's rabbits -and I hated those smelly rabbits- until finally I had enough money. So my friend Sherry and I went to Ashley Plaza Mall to buy the record. But I saw a pair of white hip-huggers and I bought them instead. Then I was too shy to wear them to school, so I just wore them in my room."

A bit of a rambling pointless story, but I tend to get gabby at three a.m. It helps keep me awake.

One of the ladies there, however, found this to be the funniest thing she'd heard recently (perhaps her own bit of over-tiredness kicking in) and laughed so hard that the other lady and I started laughing until we were all three crying from laughing so hard.

That's fun. I like that.

And, please, some help from some old-timers like myself. Way back in the day when Ashley Plaza Mall was the ONLY mall in Charleston, there used to be a t-shirt/head shop that sold bongs and papers and paraphanalia. It was along the hallway that led straight up to the theater.

What was the name of that place?

That's where I bought the hip-huggers.

Thor sez: I didn't do it. I was sick that day. I have a note from Loki.

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