Sunday, September 10, 2006

White Cat

She moved in two doors down a few months ago and roams the neighborhood like it is her personal palace. She spends a good deal of time sitting in my back yard, staring up at the branches of the oak tree, where the squirrels and birds twitter at her.

I don't let my cats go out for a variety of safety reasons, but mostly because I'm too cheap to buy monthly flea control for all three of them. But they are very interested in what goes on outside the windows.

Loki on high squirrel alert.

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Radha said...

Hi JanetLee - I'm an NICU Outreach Educator trying to find some actual pictures of brown fat on a model (2 dimensional) for some classes I'm prepping. I hope you pass your certification exam. Your cats were really cute. I had my cat, Sid, on my feet for awhile while working today. (I work best with my laptop resting against my pillows in my bed). I have two other cats, too, a dog (big one), lots of fish and plants. I let my cats go outside because if I don't they will punish me by spraying the furniture. I live in Spokane WA so we don't have too bad a flea problem up here. Otherwise I'd need to take a second job for the flea treatment :) I was in North Carolina a few weeks ago. It's beautiful country down there. Best of luck with your nursing career and your cats.