Friday, September 15, 2006

Vehicular Sociopathy

That is my new term for people who speed, tail-gate and run red lights simply because they don't feel they should have to wait. People who, once they lock themselves in their vehicles with their cell phones, CD players, lap tops, and air bags, feel they have every right in the world to completely disregard the lives of others.

Because they have places to go. They have things to do. They are IMPORTANT and we are in THEIR WAY.

I'm sorry, I didn't get the e-mail that the road belonged to you today. So sorry for venturing out and doing really stupid things like yeilding to oncoming traffic, driving the speed limit, remaining in my lane at all times and actually stopping at red lights.

Oh, don't be trying it at Magwood and Paul Cantrell any more. So many hospital workers have had so many near death experiences (including moi and the 90-mph tractor trailer that I saw about two seconds before it would have broad-sided me) that all our complaints to the police have not gone unnoticed. Last weekend alone, I saw four cars pulled over for running the reds.

I hope the ticket is a million dollars.

Self centered jerks.

Thor sez: That's right! You'll be sorry when you kill some-one!

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joan said...

Hmmmm....that might cut down on our ER traffic though...